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"I'm feigning for christmas break!" [16 Dec 2009|10:37am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Only 2 day and 2 finals left of school.
I'm feigning for christmas break!
Me and Ashley are making an agenda today for the month.
Her and Dan broke up, for the most part.
So we've been hanging out a LOT lately and I love it. :)
I'm working tonight til 6 then hopefully meeting up with her, Khiry, and Gunnar.
I want to rent The Hangover, but I'm sure Redbox is sold out of it.
I have to write my Law & Ethics essay for my final on top it.
I hungout with Caiti last night for the first time in a month!
It was so much fun, things never change.
I picked her up from work at 6 and stopped at Cumby's for snacks.
Then we took a lunt ruise to Plympton to pick up Gunnar.
I had him drive back because I just hate driving at night, period.
We got Ben & Jerry's when we got back and drove Gunnar home.
We went back to my house to watch Bad Girls Club.
I practically lost my entire voice by the end of the night.
My allergies are going wild and makes me feel like I got hit by a bus most days.
I hate the end of semester, school just seems pointless.
We literally have nothing to do!
All I can say is I can't fucking wait for Friday! :)
Alright, anatomy's starting, peash outtt.

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"- This summer is dead boring." [06 Aug 2006|02:05am]
[ mood | bored ]

It's 2 am & I can't sleep.

- Alex went away for the weekend.
- My throat has been killing me all day.
+ I got pretty drunk tonight.
+ I got to hangout with Amanda, Kevin & Khiry.
- Alex's phone died so I can't call him.
+ I finally went food shopping.
+ I hungout with Ian & Jade last night.
- Derek called me at 1 crying & puking cause he was drunk.
+ I'm moving to South Braintree next month.
+ I have a job interview for Marylou's Tuesday.
- I wanna dye my hair.
+ I haven't dyed it since March.
- This summer is dead boring.
+ My dad got a new Sebring.
+ Ashley got a new Sratus.
- I'm so jealous of them.
+ I get my dad's shitbox.
- I need to make a dentist apt.
- My teeth hurt and they're embarrassing.
+ I'm packing starting Monday.
- I lose my computer.
- I need a cigarette.
- I miss Alex.
+ He comes back tomorrow night.

I could go on forever but I'm boring myself even more.
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[12 Jun 2006|09:07pm]
[ mood | headache ]

OMG I love Amanda ♥

party @ her house this weekend for my bday.
getting mad fucked up with my friends yo. :D
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"I don't know what I'm doing today, but I'm sick so I wanna sleep." [07 Jun 2006|11:09am]
[ mood | hungry ]

I waited for Alex from 2 - 10 to pick me up.
I wasted my whole night because things kept preventing him from coming.
At like 9:30, Caiti, Marissa, Jenna, Andy, and John stopped by though.

I went to graduation and met up with Mike and Ari.
Alex forgave Derek afterwards, so they're friends again.
We got Keith then went to Khiry's for a cook-out, inside.
At 10, Khiry drove us to Holbrook and we smoked ourselves retarded.

Quinlan and AJ gave me a ride home from Alex's.
I saw my mom for a little while before she went to Vegas.
It was a pretty boring day.

Me and Ashley walked to the skatepark afterschool.
Alex, Derek, and AJ showed up right as we got there.
We smoked then me and Ashley went to Plaster Fun Time.
We bought a small ice cream cake from Shaw's.
Then took it behind the stores and each ate a half.
We almost finished the whole thing, but then my spoon broke.
We went back to the skatepark then to Old Navy & Wendy's at like 8.

I'm pissed about the rain and wind.
I waited all week to wear my new skirt and flip flops.
I don't know what I'm doing today, but I'm sick so I wanna sleep.
Today is weird because of the student elections.
I have my last gym class next period.
Tomorrow I have inschool, and a detention next tues.
Which is retarded since there are only 5 days of school left.
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"It's finally Friday and it's so crappy out." [02 Jun 2006|08:11am]
[ mood | i miss alex ]

I didn't see Alex once yesterday.
I wasted my time after school incase he showed up.
It was too nice out to sit in so I met up with Amanda.
She was at the Mall with Colleen, Dave, Steve, & Scott.
John Defloran drove me home, he's so funny.
It's finally Friday and it's so crappy out.
I'm supposed to go to Bourne tonight with Amanda & Colleen.
Then I'm going to graduation tomorrow.
I'm pretty sure it's gonna be inside, I'm so mad.
I have study first today, I wish I had it last.
Next I'm watching a movie in Science.
I fell asleep yesterday and Mr. Lehman had to wake me up.
It was so embarrassing, there was like drool on my paper.
Today is gonna go by so slow, luckily I have C lunch.
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"Today has been so easy that its pointless." [31 May 2006|12:03pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Yesterday I stayed afterschool and waited for Alex.
I had the worst cramps so I was in a pretty bad mood.
We waited for the late bus and went to T's house.
There was me, Alex, T, Keith, Khiry, Zimma, and Jimmy.
The boys smoked and then we had like a cookout.
I was crying because it seems like my cramps are making up 2 periods in 1.
So me and Alex left, we started to hike it across town.
5 minutes later we saw Colin's sister getting out of work.
She dropped us off at my house.
We watched TV and Alex made me dinner. :)
Then he went to AJ's/Quinlan's.
I went to WalMart, Payless, & Shaw's with my dad.
When I got home Derek iMed me and was freaking out.
Him, Connell, and Voo got caught smoking at Sunset. : O

Today has been so easy that its pointless.
I had study the first 2 periods because of MCAS.
Then I did nothing in Am. Gov't, since there are only 8 people in it now.
We just sit there and talk, Joe Meola is extremely funny.
I worked on a poster in English.
I just went to A lunch which sucked, so I can't wait for C.
I'm skipping gym, I just can't do it.
I have the worst cramps, a skirt on, and flipflops.
I have science next which I usually just sit and do nothing.
Math is gonna BLOW though, all we do is take notes.
The class just never ends.
I think I'm getting a ride home from Brian Hapgood today.
It's like my baby cousin's birthday so I might go to my aunts.

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"Gross, I know, but I skipped a month and got worried." [30 May 2006|11:05am]
[ mood | anxious ]

ready for a novel?

It was awesome to see Saunders afterschool, I miss him a lot.
I got to smoke out of T's new "titty bong."
Keith & Khiry took the late bus to my house with me.
We walked to AJ's to meet Alex.
Then we got some Marylou's and went to Penniman & McDonald's.
BJ gave us food while we waited for Alex's mom til 11.

AJ came to Alex's with Julie.
We went to Marylou's and I went home.
Caiti came over and we went to Amanda's til 11ish.
We tried to drink but it just wasn't happening.
Quinlan picked me up and I went back to AJ's.
I was pmsing soo bad, it wasn't even funny.
I only drank 2 beers, then we went to Holbrook.
First to Brookville and then to some party.
Me and Alex walked home as soon as we got there.
He was shitfaced and lost it on me .. as usual.
I hate when Alex drinks.

Me and Alex slept until like 3 then AJ and Haylie came.
They were in Haylie's mom's mini van .. it was funny.
We went to the beach and to Fort Revere Park.
I went home and Keith and Khiry came over.
Keith like automatically left, so me and Khiry walked to Mobil.
We met up with Alex and Quinlan then went to AJ's.
We watched Team America and then got maryjane.
We fishbowled in front of Alex's house.
Khiry ended up sleeping over too.

We watched Requiem For A Dream.
AJ and Quinlan came and brought us to their house.
Me and Alex walked to my house then he went back an hour later.
I took like 3 hours to get ready cause I'm lazy and I procrastinate.
So I went back at 4 and they were skateboarding in the driveway.
Quinlan bought everyone Marylou's which I got like all over my shirt.
Me, Alex, Khiry, and AJ walked from his house and ended up back at mine.
..and we live right down the street from each other.
(huge circle from E. Btree to S. Btree & back.)

I'm DYING of heat.
I had to change because I felt like suffocated.
Gross, I know, but I skipped a month and got worried.
I might have to take MCAS thursday since I'm in a soph history class.
Maybe not though because I took it last year.
Well I have lunch soon.
Today will prob drag on after that.
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"I can't believe I'm gonna be a senior next year, I'm half of one already" [23 May 2006|09:10pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Today was the seniors last day.
I didn't/don't have history or spanish all week because of soph MCAS.
I skipped gym since I have it like 6 days in a row.
Me & Connell went to the chorus room, it was fun.
Everyone was like crying, it was so sad.
I'm gonna miss the seniors so much, that was such a fun class.
I can't believe I'm gonna be a senior next year, I'm half of one already.
I rule the school. 8) jk..
Afterschool today, me and Ashley walked to the mall.
We had NO money, so it went by quick.
I want to buy these Armani sunglasses so bad, they're only $160.
I tried on a pair for like $360, talk about expensive sunglasses.
We walked to my house and stopped at Dan's on the way.
Ashley had to get her wallet, and she smoked with him and his friends.
We got coffee's and bagels at Dunkies then finally got to my house.
We just kinda sat around on the computer.
Alex went to AJ's and whatnot.
We're gonna hangout tomorrow though.
I applied at Marylou's & Shaw's.
I hope I get a job, I'm so sick of not having money.
I also talked to Colleen today, it was a little awkward.
Just because we didn't clear things up, we just started talking.
Oh well, I just know better to watch what I say/do around her I guess.
Well, I'm gonna go shower.
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"It was Mine & Alex's 1 year and 2 months anniversary." [22 May 2006|09:03am]
[ mood | cold ]

I had half a bottle of Bacardi Razz to my face. :D :D
It had been a month since I've drank.

Me, Alex, & Khiry walked the 2hrs. from Holbrook to Braintree.
I met up with Ashley and we walked even more.
It was a boring night, but I got to hug Corey Brown. :D

It was Mine & Alex's 1 year and 2 months anniversary.
We went to the beach, pizza hut, movies, and friendly's.
I got bored last night so I went to AJ's at 9 to see Alex some more.

I'm gonna miss the seniors so much. :(

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"It's such an easy day, but so long." [19 May 2006|10:05am]
[ mood | tired ]

Yesterday I went to Quincy with Ashley so she could get her hair cut.
We got Marylou's and KFC, mmmm.<3
We met up with Alex at the skatepark afterwards.
OF COURSE, Loralee and Chris were there, they have trackers on us.
Me, Alex, and Ashley tried to leave, but it didn't work out.
Loralee was like "Where are WE going?!"
So the two non-talking shadows walked behind us as we went to Millenium.
We smoked at Frenches and then just walked to my house.
Which led Loralee and Chris to walk to her house.
We waited for Ashley's mom to get her for like 45 minutes.
Then Quinlan and AJ picked up Alex.
It was a boring yet kinda fun night.

It's Friday and I'm so fucking happy.
I got Am. Gov't out of the way.
English was in the lab.
I'm in guidance right now.
Then I'm doing a project in Physics.
I have A lunch for Math where I have another project.
Idk if I wanna go to History or not.
Then in Spanish we're cooking and eating food. :)
I can't wait till school's over.
It's such an easy day, but so long.
Alex is gonna meet me and Ashley here.
Then we need to find Mike Saunders so I can get my $15.
Then we're going to Steve Conrads (reserved a run).
Khiry is gonna come after Jamie's party I guess.
I hope it doesn't rain all day or tonight.
At least it's only gonna be a few people drinking.
I can't wait to sleeeeeppp.
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"Dogs were out to get meeeeee." [17 May 2006|09:25pm]
[ mood | high ]

Yea so, since my last entry took me forever to finish
and it was a novel I'm gonna try to keep this short.

Yesterday was my last day of work.
I went to Wendy's with Brian Hapgood.
He dropped me off at McDonald's.
I smoked at Frenches with Alex, Keith, Chris, and Loralee.
I sat in McDonald's til 930 then walked with Alex home.

Today was my first day being unemployed. :P
I went to Dunkin Donuts for gym.
They gave us wrong progress reports today, thank god.
Mine was horrible, it was term 3's supposedly.
Afterschool I went to Loralee's.
Her mom and sister said I look like Avril Lavigne.
Umm def. not, Amanda looks like her. :)
We went back to the school at 330.
We waited for Alex then went to the skatepark.
Chris was there so after a while we went to McDonald's.
Jess fronted me weed so we smoked at Frenches.
On the walk to the skatepark I got attacked by a dog, sort of.
Then another dog was going nuts, and another one was old and calm.
Dogs were out to get meeeeee.
Me and Loralee couldn't stop geekin' at the park.
Alex left with Quinlan and I wanted to walk home.
Chris walked me the most confusing way home, I was so lost.
I started to walk by Dorehty (sp?) then Joy picked me up.
Her mom is so young, she reminds me so much of Ashley's mom.
Now I'm home, high, and scared of my family. :)

Loralee reminds me of my little sister...oh boy...
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"I have my second to last day of work today!" [15 May 2006|02:01pm]
[ mood | content ]

FRIDAY I met up with Alex, Khiry, Keith, Chris, Loralee, and Jan.
They were at the 420 rocks smoking and taking shrooms.
I was the only sober one of course, Loralee didn't trip either but she smoked.
We walked to the mall and Chris, Loralee, and Jan left.
We met up with Gunnar, Marissa, Mike, Jamie, and Jackie.
It was a really fun time actually then we went to the dugouts.
Jackie and Gunnar stayed inside though cause ya know, Jackie's hair might curl.
We smoked and Alex slid around the baseball field on mud.
We got picked up at 11 back at the mall, Khiry sleptover Alex's too.
We smoked at Alex's and laughed hysterically all night, it was kerazy.

SATURDAY Alex and Khiry came back to my house and we just sat there til like 830.
My dad came home so we walked to McDonald's.
It stopped raining perfectly for our walk.
Mike stopped by and wouldn't stop playing with my Barbie umbrella. 8)
He drove Khiry home and Teigan gave me and Alex a ride to Patty's.
Mike Stanford was with him and he's OH SO FRIGGIN GORGEOUS.
I like couldn't believe I was in the same car as him.
We went to Patty's for an hour so Irene could hangout.
Renee gave me and Alex a beer & smirnoff, Mike came back too.
We left at like 1130.

SUNDAY was so boring.
We stayed in Holbrook til 3, then Fred drove us to Braintree.
We fought/brokeup/madeup nonstop out of like boredom.
Plus the weather makes us wicked miserable.
We watched Silent Hill and then Alex eventually left.
We weren't fighting anymore by the end of the night.

TODAY couldn't have been any easier.
I had Mr. Sigel for Mr. Lehman first block.
I did a project in Math & History.
I watched a movie in Spanish, we have a cooking proj.
I'm like a ghost in Am. Gov't and just do my own thing.
C lunch contained all my friends and means I only have 2 periods left.
I had Ms. Egan for Ms. Lebo and we just talked all block, she's nice.
Now I'm in guidance, and I just spent all of it talking to Ms. MacDonald.
I friggin love her, she's bending over backwards to help me get enough credits.
She's not gonna be here next year :( this is gonna be my 3rd counselor in high school.
I neeeed her, shes letting me slide through like everything.
I have my second to last day of work today!
I brought my $5 Friendly's coupon and I hope to get a Mint Cookie Crunch before work.
I'm doing something, probably nothing, with Alex after work.
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"My dad & nana changed my beds back to bunkbeds." [12 May 2006|07:56am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Alex & Khiry came over after work yesterday.
They wouldn't come inside so we headed to CVS.
I planned on buying a new hair straightener.
We saw Dave and Cal on the way there and Dave drove us to CVS.
He went to drop his car off so Cal stayed with us.
I got my straightener :D and then we went to McDonald's.
Everyone was there like usual.
Then once Alex got his stuff, we went to Frenches & smoked.
When it started to get dark we met back up with Dave.
I had to pee in the foggy graveyard, high, at night, ALONE!
Then once we got Dave we went back in there so he could smoke.
Dave left and we went back to McDonald's.
Mike picked us up, Cal left, and he drove me home.
My dad & nana changed my beds back to bunkbeds.
I'm so mad, Dani sleeps in the room now.
I woke up this morning and couldn't find my clothes.
They're either being washed (although they're clean?) or in a bag.
I didn't get to ask my nana what she did with them.
So now I feel like an idiot wearing what I wore Monday.
Oh well, I just can't wait to get school over with.
I have work too, but at least I get paid.
I owe my dad $30 for the straightener.
Ashley wanted to drink, but Gunnar said it's Saturday now.
"The Crew" party, I hope it works out well.
I'm seriously afraid to drink with Alex, he gets like his dad. :(
I can't wait to sleepover tonight, I def need a lot of sleep.
Well Ms. Kulick-Clark said I'm not supposed to use this so bye.
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"Alex was mad at me for lying to him, but thats over with." [11 May 2006|08:52am]
[ mood | blah ]

Yesterday was alright.
Afterschool I went to Rosie's with Amanda.
We finally got to get chicken. (Thanks to Amanda being rich!)
John Defloran drove us home, he's too funny.
Alex was mad at me for lying to him, but thats over with.
I was just scared and once I lied I didn't want to sound like an idiot & admit it.
Me & Alex went out to smoke and then walked to CVS.
We were starving so we got a buttload of food at McDonald's.
Of course Colleen, Steve, Dave, and Scott were there.
Colleen wanted to I guess talk things out? But I'm just done.
She talks soo much shit about me to Alex, it's ridiculous.
"Deb's a piece of shit, why do you stay with her?" Oh cool. bff143.
Alex said she's lying now & denying what she told us.
She said it to my friggin face, I remember the whole conversation!
Whatever though, I'm still with Alex and Amanda's still with Dave.
She'll always try to ruin me and Alex, but it just never works out.
Chris Dangora & Loralee showed up last night.
All they do is fight, it drives me nuts! Loralee is sucha dramaqueen.
She like threw her drink on the ground cause Chris hit the pipe.
It's funny too cause I look at her and see old me with old Alex.
But I KNOW I'm not dramatic anymore, and coming from Colleen, WOW.
Talk about taking a joke a little too far. huh?
Well I just wanted to get that out cause I don't want to tell anyone,
or spread anything, or take it any further, cause it's not worth it.
It just dwells on my mind sometimes.
Alex got to stay til 11 again :) I have so much fun with him.
I hate it though cause I can't shower till 11 and go to sleep til 1.
The weather is so shitty, I def. want to go home and nap.
Work is gonna suck today, but I only have 4 more days.
Maybe I won't even have to go in next Mon. & Tues.
I just can't wait for Friday night, I love going to Alex's house.
No phone, no computer, quiet neighborhood, far away from Braintree.
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[10 May 2006|09:38am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

It's finally Wednesday - my day off work.
This week is going by pretty fast actually.
Yesterday was shitty out, so I went home after work.
I did some laundry, watched High School Musical, then fell asleep.
I only got an hour nap since Alex came over.
We pretty much just hungout, it was good to see him.
I see him everyday but it always feels like I haven't in weeks.
School sucks without him, I miss him a lot. :(
My dad was being wicked cool and let me out til 11.
He's usually strict about me being in at 10.
So we walked down to Mobil, he bought me cigarettes. :)
Then I waited outside with him for his mom.
I showered and crap, I went to bed at like 2.
My straightener has like NO heat, it takes me forever to do my hair.
I guess that's what happens after using it 365+ days in a row.
I wish it wasn't raining out today, I wouldn't even mind just clouds.
Me & Amanda were gonna eat at Rosie's and take pictures.
Well atleast she mentioned it, we haven't talked about it since.
So I really don't know what I'm doing.
I'm hanging out with Alex at 430 though.
Only 4 more days of work left, I'm so excited.
I'm buying Alex shrooms this weekend, totally unlike me.
Seeing as how I don't like how he does them, but whatever.
Hm, just one more period then lunch, I'm starving.
I HATE A lunch, MATH! SS! & SPANISH! whatta slow afternoon.
Alright well, that's all, I'm extremely tired so peash.
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"His life revolves around Derek, and I hate it." [09 May 2006|10:31am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I'm so sick of hearing about Derek.
It's ALL Alex is concerned about, it drives me CRAZY.
I went to the skatepark yesterday and stayed for like 15 minutes.
Alex was being a HUGE jerk, it was the last thing I needed.
A little while later, him & Khiry walked with me home.
We saw Matt Michalak like right away and he drove us to my house.
Everyone pigged out and Alex wouldn't stop touching me.
He's always poking me, pinching me, tickling me, restraining me.
It gets sooo irritating, especially when you're PMSing.
We ended up watching Wierd Science, it was pretty funny.
Alex stopped being annoying and was acting really cute after a while.
It was 9 and my dad had came home so I asked them to leave.
Alex got wicked mad cause he thought I was gonna go talk to Derek.
He was like flipping out outside and ended up just walking away.
His life revolves around Derek, and I hate it.
I DON'T LIKE DEREK, he's the biggest dramaQUEEN.
He's awesome as a friend, but too insecure and girly otherwise.
I wish Alex knew how much I love him and am always missing him. :\
Anyhow, I took a shower as soon as they left. (930?)
I went to bed at like 12 and woke up at 645.
I had 15 minutes to get ready this morning, it was ridiculous.
I forgot my coverup and a clip, I'm so mad.
Today sucks, I hate tuesday's.
I'm sitting in guidance with my iPod.
I cannot wait til I don't work anymore.
I want a real job with things to fulfill my time.
I'm probably just gonna fall asleep as time doesn't go by at work.
I'm in need of a nap.
I can't wait for lunch next.

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"I need to get a new job asap, so I'm applying everywhere I can." [08 May 2006|11:54am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I went to the skatepark after work.
Alex & Kevin left to get people weed.
So I stayed there with Hardiman and Chris Dangora.
It was really fun, I actually really like John, he's funny.
When Alex came back, Kevin drove us to McDonald's.
We waited there for Ashley & Dan to pick us up.
We saw a lot of people, like Amanda! :)
Dan picked us up and took us to the mall.
Mike picked Alex up in his tow truck.
They went to Rhode Island to do a job.
Dan picked me & Ashley up and dropped us off at my house.
We decided to stroll around Braintree, it was fun but my feet hurt.
Ashley went to Gary's like 4 buildings down and Mike picked me up.
He drove me & Alex to Holbrook.

Me & Alex were like stuck in Holbrook.
So we started to hike it to Braintree.
The walk just to get to Braintree is half an hour.
Then from there to my house is an hour and a half more.
We made it to like Zimma's house and saw Jeff Tank.
He drove us to McDonald's.
As usual, Amanda was there. :)
Alex went to skate, I followed like 5 minutes later.
It was really awkward cause Derek was there too.
Khiry came, and I got to see Dave for a little bit. (dirty liar)
Then we went down the street to Chris & Jess's.
They bought an eighth from Chris.
We smoked a blunt on Alex's old back porch.
Then they walked me home, and went to smoke again.
I got ready, we all met up again and Ashley came over.
We saw Amanda again, no surprise. ;)
Then we walked around the neighborhood and smoked.
Sitting on my front wall sucked, and so didn't sleeping over Ashley's.
She invited Dan over so I had to sleep on the couch.
He went to sleep early so we watched Saw 2.
Ashley kept falling asleep though.
They were alll over each other, I've never been the 3rd wheel...
& I never want to be again!
The next morning me and Ashley finished watching Saw 2.
Then we walked to Dunkies, ate, and went to Home Goods.
We saw soo many people, it was really boring though.
Then her mom gave us a ride to my house and we went out.
Had a pretty boring night, wanted to kill ourselves because of a certain boy.
Then I went to McDonald's and saw Steve & Dave.
Craig drove me home.

I have 5 more days left of work here.
Ashley comes back the 16th and starts the 17th again.
I need to get a new job asap, so I'm applying everywhere I can.
My thing is a week late, ugh, I hate how it always does this.
I miss Alex sooo much, I saw him for a second today & it was a tease.
I wanna go out after school but I'm SO tired, I really need to nap.
Who knows, as long as I get to see Alex.
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"I don't have work today, and of course the weather sucks." [03 May 2006|07:57am]
[ mood | happy ]

Monday Marissa came over since Keith broke up with her. Khiry & Alex came over too. They smoked, I did a little, then we went to Friendly's. I bought everyone ice cream. Mint Cookie Crunch <333. Marissa went home and Khiry & Alex came back to my house. We watched the 40 Year Old Virgin. Yesterday I had inschool. The first 4 periods went by so slow, and inschool went by even slower. I pretty much did nothing at work, like usual, then went to Zimma's. Alex, Marissa, Khiry, Jamie, Joy, Jimmy, & T were there also. We watched Fun With Dick & Jane; the best movie ever. Then me & Alex went to my house at like 9:30. Alex got to stay an extra hour since my dad was in like NH til 1. I love himmm ♥ I don't have work today, and of course the weather sucks. I might be getting materials with Connell for our history project. Right now I'm mowing a bagel with Buruk in guidance, oo la la.

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"I have inschool today." [02 May 2006|08:46am]
[ mood | tired ]

"I'm quitting today!"

Ms. Smith is nut's.
I have inschool today.
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"I walked into a pole on my way home." [14 Jan 2006|01:34pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Friday the 13th sucks.
I drank with Amanda last night.
We drove Derek to Battle of the Bands.
It was some kid Dave's car, w/ Steve and Jimmy.
We got a bottle of bacardi raz, they got captains.
We drank at the pits for like 10 minutes.
We heard coyotes, so we ran, then we thought we saw cops.
We threw all the alcohol :( luckily I lost my Spike.
I found it in the seam of my broken bag at PJs. :D
Dave dropped me and Amanda off at PJs to meet up with Derek.
So many people beeped at us while we were walking; annoying.
Alex called and was at Dunkies, we met up with him.
We went to the White Church, me and Amanda peed in the graveyard.
When we came back Alex broke up with me and I laughed hard.
I was soo drunk I didn't know anything.
I walked into a pole on my way home.
Couldn't walk straight or see straight.
My dad was at my house too.
We saw Mark Andrezyk at Hollis, and he drove us home.
Me and Amanda went straight into my room, probably not literally.
I went right to bed, I thought I was gonna puke.
Me and Amanda split the bottle pretty much.
Amanda left really early this morning.
Randomly, my whole family is home.
I'm still dizzy and shaky.
I don't know what to do today, I guess I miss Alex.
I need to move on though. x3

Last night was fun.

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"Long firedrill in the freezing wind with Alex at least." [03 Nov 2005|10:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today was soo crazy:

Someone lit the trash on fire.
Long firedrill in the freezing wind with Alex at least.
C-lunch-bitch-out by Colleen. (not to me)
Mr. Goldman actually let me leave study.
Study with Ashley in the MC.
Colleen vs. Cheryl.
Colleen deff. won because Cheryl held her hands so she wouldn't get hit.
Then Cheryl missed all her hits, cept maybe one which didn't compare to Colleen.
I made a few new friends. :)
Tried to surprise Derek with Amanda.
Went to Dunkies from friggin 3 - 7?
Was with Amanda, Ashley, Alex, Derek, Keith, Gunnar, Mike,
Khiry, Gorman, Joeypants, Cosme, and Sarah.
Got a fever for a little while.
Had a lot of fun with Derek, he's wicked awesome. :)
Mike F. drove me home in his Celiccaaa.

Time to sleep.

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"As soon as I got home, Alex broke up with me." [30 Oct 2005|01:00pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Straight after school me and Amanda went to JP's.
We got a bottle of Bacardi Ras and Sprite.
I got really drunk and fell asleep for like an hour.
When I woke up, me and Amanda walked to the school.
She hadda meet up with Christa and I needed my shirt.
Then we went back to JP's for a little while.
Steve, Andy, JP, Dan, Dave, Dennis, Christa, Courtney,
and this other kid Dave was there.
Chris and Catie picked me, Amanda, Steve, and Christa up.
We went to BK to meet up with Alex, Khiry, Gunnar, and Keith.
Chris was working, and I ♥ him.
Mike Fournacairi and Mike Saunders stopped by for a few.
Then everyone left, so me, Alex, Khiry, and Keith walked to Alex's.
We smoked a blunt in Alex's car, then I fell asleep an hour later.

Dennis picked me up from Alex's around 11.
We went to the Independence Mall in Kingston for a dress.
We were supposed to go to Homecoming.
Somebody fucked up that plan.
As soon as I got home, Alex broke up with me.
It was dramatic and I was bawling, yadda yadda.
Dennis came over, then Amanda.
Alex told me to come over, so we picked him and Keith up.
We went to KFC, then got a run from JP again.
This time we got a handle of Bacardi Ras and Sprite.
Everyone but Dennis waited at Dunkies for the run.
We ran into Mike and Mike again.
Then Dennis came back and we got Kevin.
The six of us drank at my house, it was soo fun.
Everybody but Keith sleptover.
Kevin and Amanda on my bed, Dennis on my sisters,
and me and Alex on the couch.
We decided we're gonna be "together". :/
We still love each other, we just wanna be single?
Whatever, as long as we still talk and get along, I'm happy.

I woke up feeling like shit.
We went to Dunkies for breakfast.
Then we met up with Derek and Keith.
We were at the Skate Park for like 2 hours or so.
Kenny, Matt, Glenn, and Chris showed up.
Kenny's moving to NH today. :(
Derek and Alex got weed, so they're smoking in the car with Keith.
I'm inside, and feeling better.

I want a sub from Richardi's asap.

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"Yesterday was mine and Alex's 7 month anniversay." [22 Oct 2005|09:20pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

This weekend was pretty fun.
Yesterday me and Amanda got $65 to buy alcohol.
We had like an hour to get it, but we did it. :)
It was really hard work, props to J.P. and Mike.
So there was me, Amanda, Alex, Jackie, Gunnar, Khiry,
Zimma, Britlyn, Keith, Chris, T, Stephanie, and Sarah.
We got a 30 and 2 bottles.
A lot of people got to drink for free,
leaving the buyers with practically nothing.
Overall, it was a fun time.
I fell asleep for like an hour.
Then Jackie's uncle came home and me, Alex, T, and Keith walked home.

It was dramatic.

Today Derek came over Alex's.
Khiry picked us up and got Keith.
As soon as we got to my house, my dad came home.
So we begged him to drive us to Alex's.
He drove us in Ashley's embarrassing shitbox. ;)
Then they sat in Alex's car and smoked 3 blunts.
Then came inside to smoke 2 bowls out of the bong with me.
We ate a lot of food, and went to Dunkies.
We played hackysack for like an hour, it was hilarious.
Derek went home and now we're just sitting at Alex's.
I'm exhausted.

Yesterday was mine and Alex's 7 month anniversay. ♥

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"We're drinking and smoking since Gunnar's parents are gone for a week." [09 Oct 2005|06:49pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

Yesterday me, Alex, Amanda, and Colleen went to Keith's.
It was pretty fun, except when me and Alex had a brawl and,
Me and Alex had to walk home from Keith's in the pouring rain.

Today we went back to my house.
Ashley, Keith, Amanda, and Derek came over.
We walked to Gunnar's, but then Mark gave us a ride.
Derek went home.
There is me, Amanda, Ashley, Alex, Colleen, Gunnar, Mike,
Mike, Keith, Khiry, Jackie, Brook, Ari, her friend, and Chris.
We're drinking and smoking since Gunnar's parents are gone for a week.
I'm pretty drunk, and miss Amanda since she left for a little while.
It's kind of awkward since Alex AND Mike are here.
Shit's going downnnnnnnnn toniiiight.
Well I'm gonna go back to the partay.


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"We were like fishtailing out of control, all over the road." [07 Oct 2005|11:33pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

It's finally the weekend. I deffinetly need a third day off too. Today was pretty interesting. I went straight home after school. Mike Fornacairi and Alex came to pick me up at 5:30 ish. Keith was there too. Since Mike has a sick Celica, he tried to whip it on the highway. The ground was too wet though, so after he was going like 8000 mph on an on-ramp, we just kept turning. For a minute the car was practically driving backwards, still going very fast. Mike know's what he's doing though, so he saved us. We were like fishtailing out of control, all over the road. I was shaking. I HATE speeding. It was so scary. Then they were smoking a blunt while it happened, and of course a cop drove by and turned around. Not for us though, luckily. Then we met up with Khiry and T. They smoked, I burned a CD. I've been jamming to it all night, I love it. We went a couple places. Overall, it was pretty boring. Alex's mom bought me two new eyeliner's and mascara's tonight, wicked good ones. I coincidentally ran out of both today too, hmmm. Well, now I'm at Alex's. I'm so tired, we're probably going to bed soon. So, goodnight. ♥
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"It was his 21st birthday, so of course we hadda celebrate with some alcohol.." [05 Oct 2005|09:19pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Tonight was so fun. After school, me and Amanda walked to Alex's. Kevin picked us up and brought us to J.P.'s. It was his 21st birthday, so of course we hadda celebrate with some alcohol whether it's Wednesday or not. Me and Amanda made $25 today, worth of lunch money. So, we got a bottle of Captain's since that's all Kevin likes, BLAH. Stupid me listened to Steve, and put in a rather largeee amount mixed with coca-cola. Then Scott P., Ryan T., Matt D., Andy V., and Pat L. showed up. They brought Bacardi. I only mixed a real little amount with some coke, and I didn't even finish it. I got pretty drunk, and needed to go for a walk. So, me, Amanda, Alex, and Steve walked to the High School (next door). Steve isn't allowed in the school, so Alex stayed outside with him. Me and Amanda went in though to get me a sweatshirt. We saw Catie and Chris. :) Catie held my friggin GLASS of water because I felt like an obvious drunk and figured I'd just drop it cause I tend to drop glasses when I'm drunk. It felt really weird being in school at 6 o'clock, drunk, with no one else there. We went back to J.P.'s and hungout some more, then me, Amanda, and Alex, walked back to his house. My dad was coming to pick me and Amanda up, so we like speedwalked to Brooke's to get perfume and gum. When I came home, my nana had bought me new pants. I <3 THEM! She also found my winter coat, YES! Overall, today was pretty awesome. Me and Amanda always have the best times though. BYEBYE!
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"I've been jamming out to my walkman for like an hour" [27 Sep 2005|07:19pm]
[ mood | my humps my humps my humppsss ]

Today was boring.
I looked like a cheeseburger.
Atleast I got out of skipping 2 classes. :)
I got dismissed at 1, but only missed study.
I had a physical, noo shots. ;)
I grew an inch and I don't even weigh 100 lbs?
I've been at Alex's since school got out.
Gunnar and Khiry came over.
I almost hungout with Anthony.
I have the worst allergies and I might die.
I've been jamming out to my walkman for like an hour.
Alex and Khiry are eating Dibs, bommmmmmmb<3
I hope my dad takes me food shopping tonight.
I have a shitload of homework, o boy.
Is it Friday yet?
I want to dye my hair, its been brown for too long.
That semi-permanent red washed out, hmm I wonder why.
Sugar we're going down just came on!!!!! <3<3<3

Okay, peeeeeace.

Oh yeah, Me and Alex are the "trashiest couple" if you haven't heard.
I love when people lie to my face.

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"Summer is almost over and these last few weeks have been crazy." [30 Aug 2005|02:17pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Summer is almost over and these last few weeks have been crazy.  Ashley's birthday party was intense.  We asked every single person we knew, but could not find a run.  Finally, Mark and Kevin got us one.  Everyone drank at Cosme's.  It was me, Ashley, Amanda, Colleen, Alex, Cosme, Gunnar, Mike, Khiry, Keith, Dave, Brook, Kevin, and Mark.  Getting cornered on the deck.  Swimming in our bra's and pants.  Talking to Dave the entire time.  Jamming to Cosme's iPod.  It was so much fun.  At 1:30,  Mike Fournicairi came and a lot of people had left.  He took me, Ashley, Alex, and Keith to Wendy's in his CELICAAAAAA.  Thank god for being drunk or I woulda had a heart attack.  He went soo fast on the highway that I lost my appetite and could only buy a frosty.  He dropped me and Ashley off at her house and we watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dawn of the Dead.  The next day Ashley had a family party at her grandmothers.  I was so scared that it was gonna thunderstorm, but it never did? lies.  Gunnar threw me in the pool with all my clothes on :( and then 3 more times after that.  It was a pretty fun party for a family party.  Nothing has been happening since then because of the rain.  I guess Mike S. went back home to Kingston :( That kid is so funny, I'm going to miss him.  Oh yeah, Alex is getting a car soon! :) Wahoo, bye.

I finally got to see Amanda! Her hair looks awesome and I can't wait to see her againnnnnnnnnn.  Maybe sit alone together, while everyone's smoking in the shed again?

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[17 Aug 2005|01:14am]
[ mood | not so drunk anymore ]

Today was so fucking fun. Well, me and Ashley had planned to go shopping, or at least on a stealing spree. So, she called me, we got ready, and she came over. She had brought me a beer, because we are lushes. We started walking to the mall, beers in purses, but then Kevin saw us and drove us there. Drinking our beers in the parking lot was so friggin funny. We stole a lot, even wicked cute keychain finger cuffs ;) and talked to Dave, Mike, Ian, and Dylan for a little while. Then we walked to Frenches to meet everyone as planned. Me and Ashley like couldn't make it up a hill (smokers) and we had to pee sooo bad, it was awful. So a couple hours later, me, Ashley, Alex, Amanda, Gunnar, Keith, Khiry, Mike, Derek, and Steve got crunk at Frenches Common. I absolutely love drinking with my friends, it's sucha a fucking blast. I bonded with that Steve Rowin kid a lot, weird. Then I thought I saw the cops, so me and Alex said bye to everyone and went to McDonald's then his house. Alex was incredibly drunk and is fast asleep now, or maybe passed out. He has work at 8 tomorrow, and I can either wait til 6 for him, or walk home. I think I'm gonna walk home. I wanna drink again tomorrow. I <3 MY FRIENDS!
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[05 Aug 2005|12:51am]
[ mood | boredish ]

Summer is so boring! Lately, I've been hanging out with Ashley, Amanda, Alex, Gunnar, Keith, Derek, and Khiry. Even though we do pretty much nothing everyday. I can't believe school is in like 4 weeks. Alex is also moving to Holbrook then. :( My dad might be buying the house next door to him though, I hope so anyways. Him and Derek are off skating, and I'm just sitting in his room listening to Under Pressure by The Used and MCR over and over while watching Laguna Beach. They'll probably be back soon though since it's 1am. My dad took me and Alex food shopping tonight. I really wish I was home right now eating my salsa dorito's. I basically have nothing to write about, but I deff needed an update. Oh! Alyssa's birthday is in like 9 days, and Ashley's is in 22 days. Sweet sixteener's too. I can't wait to party it up! :D

People on the streets!
Ba da de da day
People on the streets!
Ba da de da de da de da deee
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[18 Jul 2005|04:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm so bored right now. I'm back at Alex's and we just watched some movie called Pump Up The Volume. It was pretty good. Alex is in the shower now, so I have nothing to do. We're going out to eat later though, I can't wait, I'm starving! Yesterday was fun. Alex came over and I cleaned my room. Then we met up with Amanda and Ashley, walked a lot, then came here with them, Steve, and Andy. They all smoked and what not, I decided to stop for a while. Steve and Andy left so we went to McDonald's. I saw Jess Obie there and I was super excited. Then we walked home, and split up with Amanda and Ashley half way. As soon as me and Alex got back to my house, Derek asked us to come over. So we actually started to walk all the way back, but then saw Mike and Mike. We got a ride, and it was so lucky. Derek's was alright, he has the nicest house. He also has his own extrtemely nice bathroom that I'm so jealous of. But uh, that's all for the past couple days.
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[17 Jul 2005|12:47am]
[ mood | happy but tired ]

I decided to switch back to this username because I miss it and like it a lot. Today was really boring. I sat in with Alex until like 8 o'clock and did pretty much nothing. Then he left, and Alyssa came over. I haven't seen her in so long. We got ready and went to the mall. It sucked cause no one was there. We got McDonald's which was good at least. Looking at the old lady next to us's kankle's overflow over her sandals wasn't all that fun though. We took a few pictures walking home, and it was very funny. I swear, whenever we hangout it seems like we've been together everyday. We never change. It pisses me off that some of her friends decided that since we didn't hangout for a while, it was okay to tell her that meant we weren't friends anymore, and "I was leaving her". What the hell? I don't get why other people always involve themselves in our friendship. Me and Alyssa are going to be best friends for a very long time, so people shouldn't bother trying to get in the way. Anyways, I think my mono is going away, if it's even mono. Oh, and everyone should definetly go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

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